About Us

TREVALLY is about everyone’s passion of leather. As a brand, we redefined the vintage or old-style of leather processing into modern yet functional designs. The old leather has unique characteristic, which modern-processing doesn’t have, and tends to be more durable. Our concept is to make each product in timeless look yet essentials for your daily activities.

 Our products are more than just accessories or carry goods. We “define the essentials”, each of our product is part of your daily routines. It will be your companion, rather than just a complement. We would like to embrace and empower you, rather than just be another fashion or display.

The word TREVALLY came from an oceanic fish family that lives in colony. We refer them as the “sea society”. People, as society, love leather and its characteristics, but they are doing it the wrong way. TREVALLY’s belief is we like the truth that people love leather and we want them to do that in the right way.